Over 40 and Fading: The Anti-Aging Acupuncture Approach

Easy Aging with AcupunctureIs it possible that you’ve hit your 40s and you’re already starting to notice signs of aging? Your joints are beginning to ache, you’ve become more susceptible to injury at the gym and your body is healing more slowly. Maybe you just don’t have the stamina you had only a couple of years ago, or you keep catching the latest cold or flu going around. And recovery is much slower. You say to yourself, “This can’t be aging, I’m still young!”

Yes, in terms of age, you are young! But age doesn’t necessarily correlate to health condition. In most cases, age is based on how well you care for yourself, your thoughts and your experiences. I like to refer to this as the six pillars to health and longevity that require conscious attention.

Aging and the Six Pillars of Health

My six pillars to health consist of: (1) healthy diet, (2) regular exercise, (3) restorative sleep, (4) stress management, (5) right thinking, and (6) engaging in community. These concepts are not new, but they are often not viewed holistically. People tend to focus on one or two and ignore the rest. If you’re eating healthy but are stressed out of your mind, you’re not only aging your body, but you probably don’t feel too good and you’re likely not benefiting from all that healthy eating. The same is true for poor sleep. I have many patients who exercise and eat healthy but sleep poorly. They end up tired and eventually worn out and even depressed. And all the benefits of healthy habits can be easily undone with excessive negative thinking; pondering all that is wrong as opposed to all that is right.

Balance is key! Acupuncture and Chinese medicine is predicated on restoring balance. With acupuncture and herbs, I help my patients repair dysfunction, reduce stress, regulate sleep and restore balance. As they start to feel better, I advocate lifestyle changes that strengthen all the pillars of good health. Perhaps not simultaneously, but as a goal to maintain their well being. And I don’t pressure people about doing them all perfectly. It’s the balance that is most important. You can have it all together – eating healthy, exercising regularly, managing stress effectively, exuding positivity – but if you’re not having some fun engaging with other people, sooner or later you’re going to wonder, what’s the point? Engaging in community is where the joy and fulfillment in life comes in. You need to be out there in some meaningful way, whether it’s with family or friends or volunteering in your community.

Acupuncture for Aging

If you are not yet experiencing any signs of aging or disease, great! Make sure you’re paying attention to all the pillars of health, so you can keep on feeling good and young. If you’ve started having some symptoms, come and see me for acupuncture and/or herbs to restore health and vitality. Once your body is healthy and balanced, then maintenance through the six pillars of health is much easier. Being healthy, joyful and fulfilled is the best way to combat aging!