Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbs are an integral part of Chinese medicine and their use dates back to at least the second century B.C. The majority of TCM treatments administered throughout Asia involve the safe use of Chinese Herbs. While here in the USA they are used much less frequently, the Japanese widely use a government sanctioned herbal medicine they call Kampo. Kampo is based on Chinese herbs and is used alongside Western pharmaceuticals because the herbs were found to be safer and in many cases equally or more effective than drugs.

Benefits of Chinese Herbs

The benefit of Chinese herbs is that each formula is customized to the person’s specific condition and constitution, then modified as the condition improves. A formula usually consists of 8-18 herbs that have multiple functions and work together in specific ways. All aspects are customizable – the type and number of herbs, their relative quantities, the dosages, as well as when and how often herbs are administered – to achieve maximum benefit while virtually eliminating any possible negative side effects.

Another benefit of Chinese herbs is that in most cases, their use is time-limited. Once the symptoms resolve, use of the herbs ceases. This allow the body to maintain its own natural balance.

I was getting up four times most nights to urinate and waking up exhausted. At age 91, this increased my risk of falling. My doctor tried reducing the dose of my medication, but it did not help. Linda prescribed a patent herbal formula and after just three days, I was getting up only one time at night and feeling much more rested in the morning. - F.R.

WholeSelf Herbal Medicine

At WholeSelf, we use concentrated powders and pre-formulated, patent herbs derived from the raw herbs. They are GMP certified based on U.S. FDA standards to ensure the quality and safety of products. Starting materials and ingredients are traceable and the manufacturing process is transparent. Our powders and herbs are 100% natural, preservative-free and grown in China. They are safe and effective when properly prescribed by a trained Chinese herbalist.

Concentrated powdered herbs are used in customized formulas, while patent herb pills are pre-formulated to address specific patterns of disharmony. Patents are as safe and effective as concentrated powdered herbs, though they are not as customizable or as strong, thus they may require longer term use.